Personal Protective Equipment

International expertise

SACLA INTERNATIONAL exports Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to distributors in over 70 countries over four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

Our extensive product lines meet the expectations of all distributors while allowing them to be competitive in a global context.
As a manufacturer-supplier, our ambition is to grow alongside our partners around the world by following two principles: responsiveness and confidence. All of our equipment is CE-certified and has been developed to be resistant and is built to last.

Some fifty people work day in, day out to ensure consistent quality and the best service, ensuring complete satisfaction. Over 500 containers per year pass through our warehouses to then be distributed all over the world. We are also developing more and more Cross Trade.

Our customs-bonded warehouse means that we can import with duty and tax suspensions in order to re-export while maintaining maximum flexibility and responsiveness.